EverGlide® SG

EverGlide® SG is a super lubricant which does not migrate, offers higher thermal stability than PTFE and can be used effectively at loadings as low as 2%, allowing for significant cost savings and improved performance. When added to the plastic, Everglide SG provides for excellent lubricity, wear and abrasion resistance, in even the most demanding applications.

EverGlide® SG technology offers:

  • Excellent thermal stability in high temperature thermoplastics
  • Significant increases in lubricity
  • Improves wear resistance 500%
  • Low addition levels
  • No discoloration
  • Saves money

As the charts illustrates, the EverGlide® SG technology not only outperforms the incumbent wear technology, it offers synergies with other technologies to allow for compounds with far superior wear properties.

Higher LPVs


The result of the wear test for PPS demonstrates that the EverGlide® SG offers almost 7x the wear performance of PPS and more than 2x the wear properties of the incumbent technology. When we evaluated the EverGlide® SG in PEEK, the technology improved the wear properties 10x while offering almost 3x the performance of the incumbent technology.

Lower Wear Factor



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