Typically most halogen-free flame retarded compounds are hard to process with issues such as inconsistent burn properties, high pressures during extrusion, small processing windows and compromised flame retardant properties. DynaChar overcomes these issues as products using DynaChar are easy to process, whether you are making a film, coating a wire or molding a part.

Utilizing patented technologies such as Flexil and DynaSil, we are able to create some of the most useful and unique flame retardant compounds in the market. Our DynaChar line offers Low Smoke Zero Halogen solutions for flooring, tubing, electronic and wire and cable applications.  These unique compounds are based on modified metal hydrate flame-retardants while still providing elongations greater than 250% and strengths greater than 2000psi. Several DynaChar products are designed specifically for low smoke zero halogen insulation for wire and cable, meeting high use temperatures of 90°C and consistently pass the VW1 burn test.

Contact us and let us design a non-halogen solution perfect for your application.