quote-prod1EverGlide MB is a masterbatch of 50% polysiloxane dispersed in a variety of thermoplastic resins and comes in an easy to blend pellet form. Like similar products, EverGlide MB is FDA compliant, however unlike many other lubricants, this unique material is non-migratory. Finished parts made with the EverGlide MB are both paintable or can be printed on.

EverGlide MB benefits include:

  • Easy to Blend Pellets
  • Lower Coefficient of Friction
  • Improved Wear
  • Improved Abrasion Resistance
  • Internal/External Lubricity in Processing
  • Reduced Die Build Up
  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Reduced Processing Temperatures
  • Reduced Processing Pressures
  • Non-Migratory
  • FDA Compliant
  • Lower Cost

DynaSil™FR (Patent Pending)

DynaSil FR is a flame retardant synergist produced through our proprietary reactive extrusion process that acts as a char toughener and heat shield in both halogenated and non-halogenated FR systems.

DynaSil FR benefits include:

  • Improved Impact Strength
  • Improved Processing
  • Increase of the Limited Oxygen Index (LOI)
  • Reduction in peak Heat Release Rate (HRR)
  • Reduction in Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Reduction of Smoke in Halogenated FR Systems
  • Partial or complete elimination of antimony trioxide
  • Cost Effective

DynaMix™ Masterbatches

Our compounded materials use only prime resins and are available in custom colors.

DynaMix Masterbatches include the following:

  • quote-colorsReinforcements
  • Stabilizers (including UV, anti-oxidants, etc.)
  • Surface modifiers (hydrophobic and hydrophilic)
  • Lubricants
  • Thermo-Chromic Colorants

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