Toll Manufacturing

Having the process expertise and a variety of extruder sizes gives us the ability to provide a full range of services for toll manufacturing.

Small Lot Compounding – Ideal for process and product development, as well as manufacturing of small lots of compounds.

Large Lot Compounding – Perfect for more “complicated” and custom formulations. All of our extruders have flexibility in terms of screw design, pelletization techniques, with the options of side feeding materials and injecting liquids at a variety of viscosities.

Product Development

Our passion is to develop creative solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. Many of our customers call us in when an application or product is still in development. At times, our customers don’t know exactly what they need, but they know what they want to make. We’ll work closely with your technical staff to understand your product, process and material requirements. What are you making? We’re here to help.

Laboratory Testing

Our fully serviced and staffed labs are available to help you with product development and quality control issues.


What are you making? Let us help. Need a sample or more information? Email or call us at 908.668.0300.