Small Additions That Make a Big Difference

DynaSil – Antimony-Free Flame Retardant Compounds

DynaSil is a halogenated flame retardant package synergist, based on patented silicon technology. This compound allows for the unique formation of char that enables the halogen to perform in a more effective manner. By replacing antimony, the density cost, density and performance of the polymer is reduced. Replacing antimony also leads to a better eco-tox profile than traditional flame retardant products.

EverGlide® – Lubricated Compounds

Lubricated plastics lowers the coefficient of friction and improve wear resistance. Everglide® offers lubrication beyond the capability of traditional lubricating compounds. The technology achieves better lubrication and wear properties at a much lower level than traditional 20-30% loadings providing improved processing, mechanicals and lower cost. In addition, these compounds reduce die build up, cycle time, pressure and required process temperatures.

Flexil™ – Maintain Plastic Properties to Extreme Temperatures

NEW Patented technology that decreases flex modulus up to 50% and improves impact modification while maintaining mechanical properties from -50° to 300° C. Flexil™ is available in most resins, from polyolefins to PEEK.

DynaStat® – Antistatic Compounds

Electrically active materials are permanent and tunable Antistatic and Static Dissipative (ESD) plastics. Typical ESD compounds insure a broad range of electrical resistance of about two decades (109-1011 Ω/sq). With DynaStat®, there is better range and tighter tolerance. DynaStat® is perfectly tunable to a surface resistivity within 107-1011 Ω/sq. Properties are permanent throughout the polymer, not sensitive to humidity, and cannot be wiped or worn off the surface.

DynaChar – Flame Retardant Compounds

Halogenated and non-halogenated flame retardant compounds offering low rates of heat release, smoke and carbon monoxide generation. We not only offer the traditional chemistries, but several novel flame retardant chemistries that are solely available through Polymer Dynamix.

DynaPath® – Electrically and Thermally Conductive Compounds

Conductive compounds based on proprietary chemistry that offer lower resistivity for applications that require electrical or thermal conductivity.

DynaMix® – Specialty Compounds

The essence of custom compounding; providing solutions for your unique requirements. Utilizing our ability to disperse difficult to handle materials and reactive extrusion we’ve create innovative solutions for our customers that allow them to differentiate themselves from the competition. Materials include special alloys, stabilizers, improved mechanical and thermal properties, reinforcements, surface modifiers and thermo-chromatic colorants.

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